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Our priorities may change at one point in our lives when something unusual happens. When a couple of years ago, two red lines appeared on my pregnancy test, the goal I set myself was to be the best mum in the world!

Safe space

Provide your child with natural and safe conditions for his/her development from the very first moment. With Femibelly you can be sure that the space around it is free from the harmful effects of radiation.

Take care of his health!

The second month of pregnancy is of great importance to the health and further development of your baby. It is important to protect them from harmful factors.
Choose Femibelly and do not give up your daily activities.

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The Femibelly collection includes clothing and accessories that combine discreet protection of the mother’s tummy, comfort and beautiful looks.

Wishing you and your child a lot of health, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with Femibelly!