I saw shielding products at 80dB. Is 30dB not enough?

Simplifying the whole screening process (many components and dependencies are involved), the 30dB attenuation at 1GHz reduces the radiation exposure by about 1000 times. It is a very high and completely satisfactory result for this type of products. Raising this value does not have more significance. T-shirts or blankets are designed to reduce the impact of radiation. If we wanted to completely exclude this radiation, we would have to create very tight suits, such the ones used by servicers of broadcast antennas. Then those 80dB would really have some meaning. These employees, however, are in contact with much higher radiation impact and need another kind of protection.

To illustrate better this problem, think of a leaky vessel. The vessel will be seeping water no matter how much we will modify the density (permeability) of the material from which it is made.

Can the copper contained in the jersey penetrate the skin through the body?

Such fears are understandable. There are many products of dubious quality available on the market. An example may be the so-called nano silver products, whose molecules are small enough that they can get inside the cells and cause them unfavourable changes.

As far as the threads used in the Femibelly products are concerned, there is no such danger. Copper particles (as well as silver) are in this case incomparably larger, and there’s no possibility to pierce through the membrane of body cells. In addition, each thread is surrounded by a protective layer of polyurethane coating, allowing the person using a t-shirt not having to be in direct contact with the copper.

I'm allergic to silver/copper. Can I use Femibelly products?

No allergic reactions have been reported in people allergic to silver or copper in relation to using Femibelly products. The metallic threads placed in the screen cloth are made of thin (0.02 mm) copper wire – surrounded by a layer of silver, then a protective layer of polyurethane lacquer, so you do not have direct contact with any of these metals.

In addition, the polyurethane coating strengthens the fabric so that it can be repeatedly washed without having the risk of property loss.

However, we have no influence on the micro damage of the fabric as a result of its misuse (not in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations). Theoretically, in that case, it may be local contact with silver or copper. Therefore, people sensitive to these metals are recommend to use Femibelly products, in which the shielding fabric is between two layers of cotton knit and does not adhere directly to the body.

How to choose the right size for a T-shirt?

We advise to choose the same size that you used to wear before pregnancy. The flexible knit and wrinkle used in the T-shirt will hide the tummy, as long as it increases during the passage of time. The size tables posted on the product page in our shop will help you to make a better decision.

If you make a purchase during the first trimester, be sure not to choose a too fitted size – in the final weeks of pregnancy, you may feel uncomfortable in a tight T-shirt.

We tried to design our products in such a way that they will serve you as long as possible. However, curves emerging during pregnancy are an individual matter – each woman may be different. Sometimes, in case of plural pregnancy, instead of a T-shirt we recommend buying a blanket which will allow you to not restrain your movements.

How should I wash my Femibelly products? Can I use a typical detergent?

Femibelly products should be washed in an automatic washing machine. Choose a program for delicate fabrics and set low temperature (max 30 degrees). Use gentle washing liquid, without softening agents and enzymes. Thanks to this, the products will preserve the original structure of material, fashion and colour. We recommend the Ecological TexCare washing liquid, available in our store.

Do your products lose their properties after washing or prolonged use?

We only use high quality textiles, which despite repeated use and washing do not lose their properties. It is especially important for us the durability of screening fabrics – because of their important function. We choose fabrics where metallic threads are protected with a polyurethane protective coating, which ensures their long life.

What are your products made of?

The upper part of our products are typical knits, made of high quality cotton. Their elasticity provides a few percent extra elastane.

The shielding fabric is made of polyester and thin copper threads surrounded by silver and protective polyurethane coating. The metal content is low enough that the fabric retains the characteristics of typical clothing textiles. It is extremely light and delicate for the skin, and at the same time it creates an effective barrier that protects against electromagnetic fields.

How often should I use Femibelly products during the day?

The space in which we live is constantly disturbed by radiation and electromagnetic waves with different frequencies. There is no way to prevent them all. We can, however, minimise the impact of radiation at times when it is most likely harmful. Therefore, we recommend using Femibelly products each time you use laptops, cell phones, DECT devices, wireless technology based devices (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), microwaves, ovens, etc.

From which month can I start using Femibelly products?

You can start early in the first days of pregnancy and continue until the end. Our products are recommended especially in the first trimester, when the baby organs develop rapidly.

When should I use Femibelly protection?

Femibelly products effectively shield high frequency electromagnetic fields from values ​​around 30MHz. We recommend using them during the use of: cell phones, DECT devices, stationary computers, laptops, tablets connected to Wi-Fi networks or devices with active functionality like Bluetooth. Detailed shielding characteristics are available here.

Do your products protect from ionizing radiation?

Products offered by us are not designed to protect against ionizing radiation – X-rays, gamma rays, etc. In case of being exposed to high radiation frequencies, we recommend the use of other technology, e.g. heavy lead aprons.

Is Femibelly products are safe?

Yes. In order to give future mothers a guarantee of the safety of our products, the shielding fabrics used in them are subjected to regular laboratory tests at the Microwave University of the German Armed Forces in Munich. In addition, both shielding fabrics and cotton knitwear are OEKO-TEX® Standard certified. This means that Femibelly products are free of allergens and harmful substances, and are completely safe to use.

How do Femibelly products work?

Waves of electromagnetic radiation bounce off the shield fabric used in Femibelly products. The shielding made of silver and copper content has been enriched with fabric. This allows the space immediately behind it to remain free from the harmful effects of radiation.

Why should I use Femibelly products?

During pregnancy, both for you and your baby, can be particularly dangerous to be exposed not only to alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine, but also to high and low frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, such as the ones which we face every day when we use devices connected to wireless networks, e.g. cell phones, microwaves, etc.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is dangerous especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, when there are many processes that condition the further development of the foetus. This is because the EMR waves interfere with the functioning of the body at the cellular level. Thinner skull and faster cell division affect the reduced immunity of the unborn child to radiation. Foetal brain changes caused by EMR can result in physical and psychological disorders such as hyperactivity, motor disorder, lack of concentration, and learning or behavioural difficulties.

All Femibelly products with shielding coating effectively protect against EMR, and create safe conditions for the development of the child.