In the modern world, we are exposed to radiation in almost every step we make. They cannot be eliminated for good – because, for instance, how would we operate without a mobile phone? However, at least it is worth limiting it. Everyone should remember about proper protection against electromagnetic waves, especially pregnant women.

Dangerous waves and their source

The source of electromagnetic waves is present in all electrical and electronic devices used on a daily basis, such as: computer, Wi-Fi router, TV, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, hairdryer, etc.

It is commonly known that the emissions from these devices electromagnetic radiation adversely affect the functioning of living organisms (more information on this subject can be found on the article about the influence of radiation on the health of pregnant women). Although we do not feel dangerous waves directly, they constantly fill the space around us, leading to faster death or various mutations in body cells, and, consequently, to worsening our well-being and provoking many diseases.

10 simple tricks that will limit the impact of EMR

To take care of the friendly environment better – with regard to your own health and your baby – it is worth it.

On a daily basis, follow some simple tips that will limit the impact of negative electromagnetic radiation waves. It is worth to be aware that the more we move away from the source of radiation, the less the negative impact it will have on us.

  1. Make sure the time you spend on your computer does not exceed 4 hours a day (remember, the employer should provide pregnant women with another job for the remaining 4 hours of an 8-hour-working-day).
  2. Completely unplug the devices that you are not using, especially at night.
  3. At least 30 – 60 minutes before going to bed, do not use any electric and electronic equipment (instead of the evening movie, better read a book).
  4. Do not use your mobile phone as an alarm clock, leave it in another distant room.
  5. Avoid excessive use of wireless devices.
  6. When purchasing electrical appliances, choose those that have a grounded plug. Make sure the sockets in your home are grounded, too.
  7. For night lighting, do not use dimming lamps.
  8. Try not to carry a mobile phone with you. Also choose the phones with the lowest possible SAR, a factor that determines the amount of energy that is absorbed by the human body while the phone is communicating with the base station.
  9. While talking on your mobile phone:
    • Keep the handset at a certain distance from your ear (a good solution is to set up headset or speakerphone).
    • Do not obstruct the antenna at the top of the camera – this will increase the power of the apparatus for maintaining the connection and thus increase the intensity of the emitted radiation.
    • Do not apply the camera directly to the ear after dialling – the phone works at its maximum power. Move away from the ear and waiting a few seconds before the person on the other side receives the call.
    • Do not try to make a call, being in a weak connection area such as an elevator, basement or underground garage.
    • Do not talk while being in the car – electromagnetic waves bounce off the bodywork and gather inside, and their action is then much stronger.
    • Reduce the number of calls and, if possible, limit their duration to 2-3 minutes.
  10. Choose clothing and accessories made of certified and reflective materials like the ones produced by Femibelly. They protect you from high EMR frequencies. You can find them in our Femibelly store.

Applying these few simple tips will make your home and the environment around you become definitely more safe for your health and your baby, as well as for the rest of the family.