Some types of radiation are indifferent or beneficial to humans, others are harmful or even lethal. Destructive radiation can be exposed to anyone, but its effects are most likely to be felt first and foremost by vulnerable people – sick, elderly, pregnant and postnatal, and children.

Did you know that…

Women who, while pregnant, frequently overuse various electrical and electronic devices may inadvertently contribute to the development of foetal brain development?

This happens because electromagnetic radiation (EMR) waves originated from cell phones, computers or Wi-Fi routers, interfere with the proper functioning of the body at the cellular level. Thinner skull bones and faster cell division affect the child’s immunity to EMR.

EMR changes in the foetal brain can later result in physical and mental problems in the child, such as hyperactivity, motor disorders, lack of concentration and learning ability, or even behavioural problems.

Effects of electromagnetic radiation

Despite the fact that the waves of radiation are not visible to the naked eye, they are constantly present in our environment, more or less affecting the condition of our body. Researchers suggest that electromagnetic radiation can be responsible, among others, of:

  • Increase of susceptibility to stress.
  • Decrease of immunity.
  • Increase of the risk of having many diseases of the immune, nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory and tissue systems such as: cancer, leukaemia, multiple sclerosis, allergies, cardiac stroke, dystrophy, digestive disorders, dizziness and headache, tingling and numbness of the limbs, sleep disorders, hyperactivity, vision problems, mood disorders, chronic fatigue, memory disorders, concentration disorders and others.
  • Difficulties with proper functioning in society, learning and working.
  • DNA mutations.
  • Birth defects and genetic anomalies.
  • Lower fertility (in women and men).
  • Difficulty in getting pregnant.
  • Increased risk of miscarriage and problems during pregnancy.

What are scientists doing?

Is all this true? Well, unfortunately this question does not have a clear answer. So let’s see what experts and researchers have to say about this.

Numerous scientific studies confirm that waves of electromagnetic radiation are no doubt indifferent to the human body. They may be the cause of the above and many other negative symptoms. If he or she does not have a healthy lifestyle: he or she is in constant stress, does not sleep, has no time to eat healthily…, then this person is more susceptible to be affected by any of these diseases.

At this point it is worth mentioning the results of one study in which it was attempted to estimate the level of adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation on pregnant women. Women working on the computer 20 hours or more a week, and living in high electromagnetic fields were tested. It turned out that these women were more likely to undergo pregnancy, had more problems with childbirth, and more often experienced miscarriages than women who did not work with the computer and lived in a friendlier environment. Despite this, researchers have stated that they are not 100% certain whether the problem of pregnant women was solely electromagnetic radiation, or that the problems of women were caused by more factors such as abnormal attitude when working with the computer or having a bad lifestyle.

It is not easy to categorically confirm the harmfulness of EMR because people are exposed to many external factors, such as environmental pollution or stress, which may have similar effects to radiation.

However, the results of laboratory tests carried out on live cells, isolated from the body and cultured in vitro, confirmed that, when electromagnetic field energy was absorbed, the arrangement of DNA molecules changed, and, moreover, it increased the sensitivity of the cell membrane to electromagnetic fields.

The results of the research are controversial

Warto też zauważyć, że przez wiele lat badania nad wpływem PEM prowadzone były przy założeniu, że jedynym szkodliwym efektem jego działania są zjawiska termiczne. Badacze pomijali natomiast tzw. efekty nietermiczne, np. zmiany morfologiczne w tkankach i narządach.

Over the years, the approach to research has changed, but as they point out in their research paper, „Case Study: Electromagnetic Field Risk Management: Cell Phones and Power Lines” (A Case Study on Risk Governance of Electromagnetic Fields: Mobile Phones and Power Lines). Researchers Leeka Kheifets, John Swanson and Shael Kendell, do not currently have the technology to produce a 100% clear statement.

Better prevent

The lack of convincing scientific evidence for the complete absence of PEM radiation, causes an increase of the public’s concern, and, therefore, scientists and physicians recommend that the exposure of the body to electromagnetic radiation should be limited or restricted as much as possible.

The simple ways in which we can protect everyone’s health can be found in the article How to limit the impact of radiation from the environment on pregnancy? 10 practical tips. However, is it working? The answer is yes, because, as other studies show, people who have reduced their exposure to electromagnetic waves, not only feel better and have more energy, but also don’t get sick so easily.

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