brzuch ciążowy

Our priorities may change at one point in our lives when something unusual happens. When a couple of years ago, two red lines appeared on my pregnancy test, the goal I set myself was to be the best mum in the world.

From that moment, my child’s health and safety became the most important for me. I did everything I could to ensure that he was going to be healthy before his birth. I took care of my nutrition, tried to practice good physical activities, and always remembered about the recommended medical examinations. I also read a lot of articles and tutorials from which I was constantly learning on how a pregnant woman should behave – and it seemed to me that it was enough.

It turned out, however, that I did not consider another important issue. During a follow-up visit, the gynaecologist made clear to me that being near electromagnetic radiation could harm my baby and suggested limiting the use of cell phones and other wireless devices. I was very surprised, especially since I was working full-time in an office with four computer workstations, and also, like most people, regularly used various home and office electronics.

The only remedy that came to mind at that time was to quit working and to minimise the amount of time I spent at my computer at home and on cell phone calls. I also decided to check by myself the influence that electromagnetic radiation has on the human body. I focused primarily on texts that contained scientific research because I found them to be the most reliable.

The expert opinion confirmed that long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields is not indifferent to us, and worse, it can cause significant health consequences. I paid particular attention to the results of laboratory tests carried out on live cells, isolated from the body and cultured in vitro, which confirmed that, as a result of their energy absorption, the electromagnetic field was affecting and changing the arrangement of DNA molecules, creating disturbances in the intensity of some biochemical reactions, and increasing the sensitivity of the cell membrane to electromagnetic fields.

I did not want anything to threaten my baby. I began to look for different ways to protect myself, so that I would not have to worry about his health during the daily, though limited, use of electrical and electronic equipment.

Today I am a happy and fulfilled mum who helps other pregnant women by offering them something that will protect their children from harmful radiation. With joy and full responsibility, I can recommend to all mums the Femibelly products. They will ensure the safety of your children from the very first moment, without having to completely abandon your current working and private lives.

Finally, I’d like to wish you health, safety and joy during the birth of your child.

Marta Trzaska, Owner and founder of Femibelly