brzuch ciążowy

Pregnancy and baby birth are some of the most beautiful and touching moments in life – those we will remember forever and which will cause a smile on our face.

With this in mind, Femibelly, in line with our motto „Responsible Maternity”, supports responsible parents who, from the first moment of pregnancy, want to take care of their child’s health, safety, comfort and well-being.

Femibelly’s goal is to reconcile modernity and the desire to return to nature – until the time when, with the advancement of civilization, the Earth was filled with all sorts of devices that emit harmful radiation.

We do not insist on giving up the comfort of the modern world nor are we going to completely cease using electrical and electronic equipment. On the contrary, we encourage a wise and sensible use of the technology surrounding us.

Relying on the achievements of science and technology, we want to make the world we live in, less harmful and more friendly and secure. It is thanks to the development of technology, that Femibelly products use special screening fabrics that reflect pathogenic electromagnetic waves.

For the sake of a happy motherhood, we offer a wide range of specialised products that protect you from EMR. Femibelly products are targeted to pregnant women – especially those working in areas equipped with electromagnetic field emitting devices (offices with computers, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics and others); and to women who want to live in harmony with nature, but at the same time do not want to give up the convenience of technology, introducing positive elements into our lives.

Future mums and all those interested, will also have access to wide knowledge and a large number of tips that we hope will help you to prepare for your pregnancy, to face it with a smile on your lips, and to soon welcome your beloved baby into the world.

You know what is best for your baby. In Femibelly we know what is best for both of you.
With us, you will provide yourself and your baby with a „clean” space. A place where you will live well, healthy and safe.